Talavera Care & Customization


Avera Products are crafted with diligence and professionalism to ensure they will endure the seasons. Care must be taken throughout each products’ life to maintain beauty and longevity.

Though they are fired to a vitreous state, earthen clays still have the potential to absorb moisture. When used outdoors, limit exposure to moisture with these methods:

  • Elevate planters a minimum of 1″ off of the ground or other surfaces with planter feet or stand.
  • Make certain that the drainage hole(s) is clear of debris and other objects that could prevent water flow. Do not allow standing water inside of the planter.

In climates with the potential for freezing temperatures, extra care must be used. Rapid temperature changes and the resulting expansion and contraction of the clay can be damaging. If possible, planters should be moved indoors during freezing conditions. Larger planters may be covered with fabric that extends to the ground to prevent sudden freezing.

When cleaning pottery, do not use harsh or abrasive chemicals or objects. Use warm, soapy water and a soft scrubber.



Not all items are stocked in all Patterns. Stock Patterns may change without notice.

Stock Patterns



Stock & Special Order Patterns can be modified by substituting colors. Example: CLC02 to CLC10 changes the primary color to Red. Special Order Patterns